Everyone of the international community!
 Government and political parties of Japan is indifferent to the issue of human rights!
 Abduction confinement of the Japanese government, the Communist Party and is a crime of the national costume of the opposition were also included, such as the Democratic Progressive Party!


 Pope was I said, "is not only war enemy of peace, indifferent even the enemy."
 In order to deter the illegal abduction imprisonment (arrest confinement) ignoring the international law of the Japanese government,
 Move the home government, let's move the United Nations Human Rights Council! !


 Terrible than the abduction of Japanese citizens by North Korea government, abduction crime of the national costume of the Japanese government
国際社会に この事実を拡散して 日本政府を糾弾しましょう!

Everyone of the international community!

Been ruled Japan under the law, basic human rights are protected, for the country to comply with international law,
Let denounced the Japanese government to diffuse this fact to the international community!

Koreans, Chinese, Philippine people, Indonesians, Thais .......
Let's quit from being deceived by the Japanese government!
Let's claim damages and the honor of recovery!


 I for arrest has been Immigration Control Act violations assisted incident illegally in June 2010, initially, it is for abetting crimes against the "illegal employment", defined in the Immigration Control Act, a special law "illegal employment conducive crime", it is a logic of the law to take precedence over abetting the crime of criminal law is the general law, equality under the law, from a position to comply with the international law, which prohibits arbitrary disposal to foreigners, be concluded by this law should, it argued that the application of the criminal law aiding crime is the applicable law violation.


In addition, for the illegal employment of Chinese, the application of the criminal law aiding crime that was the reason the provision of content false employment contract is the applicable law error, was claimed to be unfair, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office is the "theory the is dismissed as ".


 So, the problem becomes larger as seek support in the international community, I and Chinese, as well as Filipino, Immigration Control Act violations for a number of foreigners, including the past against (illegal employment), by the illegal administration of justice, many arbitrary disposal of against foreigners, it was developed to international human rights violation issue.


 Chinese four principal will not allow the illegal employment, but illegal employment is not satisfied, the only foreigner.
 Illegal employment is what illegal employment is satisfied because there are businesses to hire foreign nationals want to work illegally illegally. It is exactly the same logic as the Anti-Prostitution Act. Thus founding spirit of the "illegal employment conducive crime" is I think that I can understand.


 My argument is, any business who employ foreigners not eligible to work, without your reproof, are not disposed of in Immigration Control Act defines "illegal employment conducive crime". If so, since the illegal employment will not be fulfilled, it is not guilty without you blame foreigners who were hired. And is that the absence of any assisted person.


 In addition, with respect to illegal employment, for reasons that the act of providing "content false employment contract" Apart from the fact that you've been living in Japan since to facilitate the acquisition of the status of residence qualification, could crime of, aiding the crime application to illegal employment, it is clear is the applicable law violation.


 For more details, but later, the Immigration Control Act has specified the type and scope of activities of the residence status, grant conditions of the status of residence are not required by law, grant conditions of residence status is, in the various factors of the situation, because it is to be delivered by the Minister of Justice of discretion privately in a manner that does not violate the Japan's national interests, it can not be one people to transcend the Minister of Justice of discretion.


 As also folded in Japan (entry permit) to is the Minister of Foreign Affairs, not the Minister of Justice. This is also the reference of the privately held, is that the Minister of Foreign Affairs is determined at the discretion, it can not be one people to transcend the discretion of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.


 Minister of Foreign Affairs even if the Minister of Justice to issue a residence permit does not mean that it is unusual not to indicia on the passport. Disclosure of reason against this is to not have any, significance is not recognized at all. Therefore, not a facilitated the residence permit.


 Therefore, the principal is if, even to get the status of residence and submit the contents false employment contract, and illegal employment are cause-and-effect relationship is disconnected, cancel outside the residence permit as the Minister of Justice administrative sanction to this we implemented regulations to dismiss the immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.


 In addition the international community is paying attention, since was to be folded in Japan to conclude that was able to crime is an insult is a prejudice against foreigners, there are a large discrimination.


 Cage you to have said, abetting crime application of the criminal law against illegal employment is a criminal act by the applicable law violation. Police officers, prosecutors, crime of the judge found that a "false accusation" of the Penal Code, is a "special official misconduct crime".

①主体が特別公務員であること、・・・・事実 警察官、検察官、裁判官です。
②人を逮捕・監禁したこと 、・・・・事実として逮捕・監禁されました。

"Special civil servant abuses crime" is a crime to abuse his or her authority, arrested others, established by captivity. For crime configuration requirements applicable for special civil service authority abuse crimes,
① it mainly is a special civil service, ... the fact police officers, prosecutors, and judges.
② people arrested and imprisoned the thing, has been arrested and imprisoned as a fact ....
③ it has abused its authority, and establishment by. ... I whether or not abuse their authority,
Abuse and, by exercising the authority on the duties illegally, making the means and methods, as well as assault, intimidation, legal, de facto, to the extent that no choice but to accept the result with respect to victim as long as they can squeeze the freedom of decision it has been a sufficient.

 職権ですが、例えば警察官については、刑事訴訟法(昭和二十三年七月十日法律第百三十一号)第一章 捜査 第百八十九条 
○2 司法警察職員は、犯罪があると思料するときは、犯人及び証拠を捜査するものとします。
 それで、犯罪が思料されない不法な 適用法違反の事実を、詳細にのべているわけです。
 But is ex officio, for example for the police officers, Code of Criminal Procedure (1948 July ten days law one hundred and thirty first issue) Chapter investigation Article 189
Police officers, respectively, in accordance with the provisions of other laws or the National Public Safety Commission or Prefectural Public Safety Commission, perform the duties as judicial police officials.
○ 2 judicial police officials, when he or she considers that a crime, shall investigate the offender and evidence.

 I, until now many times, crime came stated that it is not Shiryo.
Why crime is not Shiryo? It is because it is arbitrary applicable law violation.
So, the fact of illegal applicable law violations that crime is not Shiryo, is why are stated in detail.
Without the need for deliberate, there is a willful negligence of at least the law as an expert.
"Special public servants did not know the law" is not allowed.


 Complaint, as described in the fact accusation form of complaint, you have to squeeze the freedom of decision-making by, for example, presented an arrest warrant for illegal content Usonise (applicable law violation) exercise their rights on the job.
Since the special civil servant abuses crime does not require a deliberate, this obvious illegal act, because it is abuse of power, the crime is established.


 False accusation is, in order to undergo the punishment or discipline to others, and the contents of the act of a false complaint.
Deliberate offenses, the purpose offense, you must have "the purpose of subjecting the disposal of criminal or disciplinary in person." In fact, I am fine of 1 million yen, received a prison of prison a year and a half, has been maturity released without also found a parole. Chinese has been the accomplice also has received fines and imprisonment the (probation).


 In addition, the prosecutor, mandate, there is no reason you do not know the crime configuration requirements and Immigration Control Act, complaint, accusation like refunded by reason of the act is no longer confident of organized crime.

 Immigration Control Act is, in a manner that does not violate the international law only the equality and foreigners under the law by arbitrarily disposal, as well as foreigners who work illegally, "illegal employment conducive crime of both punishment provision the employer strictly we have been punished with ".
However, because they are not disposed of even operators in the "illegal employment conducive crime" in this case, rather than equality under the law, it is arbitrarily violation of international law because it was criminal dispose of the only foreigners.


 Because it does not dispose of the business who have employment illegally, foreigners were working illegally must also be acquitted.
That is, because I did not illegal employment, but there's no even the assisted person.


 Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department of the jail where the complainant has been imprisoned, had been flooded in the arrests of illegal employment. Illegal stay for more than 10 years is not uncommon.
In many cases, because it does not dispose of without even arrested for illegal employment conducive crime the employer by the information, among the foreigners was illegal employment, illegal immigrants, because even without criminal punishment be deported, in immigration Feed It is outside the country deportation.
Problem is the illegal employment of regular residents to stay in, such as student visa.
 Immigration status of legitimate, in many cases, contrary to international law, the only foreigner, etc. fined contrary to equality under the law and the criminal punishment, it is arbitrarily to the deportation is.


 Further malicious thing is, in this case, fairness under the law, and without Hansen in international law, in order to criminal punishment in arbitrarily imprisonment the only foreigner, alternative to aiding's "illegal employment conducive crime" aiding the cooked up a person. Here, there is a vicious of this incident.


 Shown in the cause of action, act to say that provided the contents of false employment agreement, apparently regardless of the illegal employment, we refer to the aiding the act of 4 visa cancellation of Article 4 of the Immigration Control Act 22.
 Since the Minister of Justice has granted by the Ordinance of the Ministry of the criteria at the discretion, status of residence by false documents submitted, it stipulates that to cancel the status of residence as administrative disposition of the Minister of Justice. Therefore it pointed out that counts, regardless of the illegal employment is the applicable law violation.


 For example, by submitting a false document, the disposal of 4 Eligibility cancellation act of Article 4 of the Immigration Control Act 22, as can be seen in the deported by the Minister of Justice, grant of the status of residence, rather than the provisions of the law, since it is those granted by the Minister of Justice of discretion, it is because contrary to the logic of the law to criminal punishment. So it has been with the administrative punishment of deportation by the Minister of Justice of discretion.


The legality principle of the Constitution Article 31, it does not imposed the punishment unless they are in any person was enacted by the National Assembly law.

 In the ruling, but the act that provided the contents of false employment contract is to facilitate the acquisition of residence status, grant conditions of eligibility is not the provisions of the law, but is the only guideline Ordinance (Immigration Control Act bylaws) , established the diploma of universities involved, is to be employment received the equivalent of the salary and the Japanese.


 Grant conditions is a privately held, for the status of residence to have delivered by the Minister of Justice of discretion, not the act that provided the contents of false employment contract has been to facilitate the status of residence.
 Submission of the employment contract is not calculated by the section chief notification. To criminal punishment in the criminal law aiding crime to obtain the status of residence as to facilitate, it is illegal there is no basis of law to the provisions of Article 31 of the Constitution.


 Everyone of the international community!
 Some of the lawyers, the basis of the training at the Legal Research and Training Institute, because the perpetrator is imprisonment, and would be unfair, and would be unreasonable, is what if because even good for reasons of aiding the act assisted crime is said to hold settlement . This is to say that it is justice of Japan.
Again, this country, because it is does not seem to be governed under the law, and one of the Japanese, but it will say  that it is "theory", I thought I, here, applicable law violation to sort out this problem you insisted.


 In the logic of the law, principals were working illegally, since the businesses that were illegal employment is innocence, principal is not guilty. (To dispose of it is illegal conventional fines I've been outside the country deportation)
 But ... there are no persons were illegal employment, there can not be there are only those who have illegal employment.
If the perpetrator is not guilty, criminal law aiding crime will not be fulfilled.


 Here, to a problem, illegal employment is, in the same way as the Anti-Prostitution Act, is a truism to establish because there is business to be working illegally. You must pursue this thing.


 Equality under the law, contrary to international law, only foreigners were allowed to illegal employment is, why, subject to criminal punishment of fines and imprisonment, is whether is be deported!
And, it is whether any against acts that are not in sin, is applying the criminal law aiding crime in general terms!


 As soon as possible, in compliance with international law that the National Assembly has ratified, is governed under the enacted law in the National Assembly becomes a country to be punished, because it insisted that the fundamental human rights of the people and the world people are respected, please listen.

 Let's protest seeking recovery and damages of honor to the Japanese government!

Ⅰ.総論 General statement

  Penalties for illegal employment of the Immigration Control Act, foreign nationals were working illegally in the "illegal employment sin", it is defining the business who was working illegally to dispose of "illegal employment conducive crime".


 Although the original should be completed in applying this law, contrary to the legislative intent of the National Assembly, the only foreigner without punish operators, arrested imprisoned illegally, arbitrarily to carry out criminal punishment in the illegal employment sin is illegal contrary to international law.

 In addition, in this case, refers to the aiding the act of no visa cancellation of any causal relationship to the illegal employment, since the application of the assisted crime of criminal law, is the illegal administration of justice contrary to Article 31 of the Constitution.

 In our case, judicial officials and the collusion with mass media information operation, but the people to public relations as arrested since the act prescribed in the "illegal employment conducive crime", abetting crimes against the indictment is murder apply the same way as, for the illegal employment of the immigration Control Act, in the foreigners built the principles theory to insult foreigners that always crime if the stay in Japan, if wind blows cooper is lucrative reasoning, general abetting the crime of criminal law is the law we have been abused.


 Business who was working illegally in without your reproof, foreigners who were forced to work illegally, contrary to international law, arbitrarily, are criminal punishment in the "illegal employment sin", it has become the country deportation.
 Illegal employment is not the operators, has been followed by any not be punished situation, this is international law is prohibited, is arbitrary act. This is not a country that is governed under the law. Also not a country that is in compliance with international law.


 Among the developed countries of the world are suffering in the immigration issue, the Japanese government is also now, for the people around the world not only the Japanese, in an illegal way, by the addition of human rights violations to be outside the country evicted in the criminal I have.


 In my case and the Philippines embassy incident, because of aiding acts of "resident status revoked" no relation whatsoever with the illegal employment against illegal employment, we apply the aiding the crime of criminal law to me and diplomats . Exactly are you the same thing with North Korea. Japan what, must be in a country that is governed under the law.


 Against illegal employment, the National Assembly, in order to protect the Japanese employment opportunities, and punish foreigners in illegal employment crime, for aiding-promoting action of businesses, et al., Article 2 "illegal employment of the Immigration Control Act 73 as a special law It has established a conducive crime ". The National Assembly, must Tadashisa the judicial administration to ignore the legislation does not attempt to rectify.

 事件の概要については、別紙「入管法違反(幇助)事件 まとめメモ」をご覧ください。
For an overview of the incident, please refer to the attached "Immigration Control Act violation (assistance) incident summary memo".


 This incident, abuse abetting crime of general law, the Constitution Article 31, to "any person, unless they are in the procedure established by law, the life or freedom of the deprived, or other not be liable to a penalty." contrary,
Grant conditions of eligibility, despite being granted by the Minister of Justice of discretion privately, documents required to provide the Gotoki manager notification is to conclude that the easily obtained the status of residence because it is false, but ... ... it is false whether or not obtained submitted to the status of residence documents as a separate,
 It is not the illegal employment (qualification outside activities), which acts within a given residence status,
Acts to work in the given status of residence outside despite an illegal employment (qualification outside activities),


 There is no causal relationship at all, because I so as to be folded in Japan and was a criminal act (illegal employment), we have to apply the criminal law abetting crimes against illegal employment in reason to insult the human rights of foreigners.


 The provisions of the law, refers to the law that was enacted by the National Assembly (in the case law, including regulations that were established by the local council).


 Without punishment by the information a business person, in an attempt to punish the only arbitrarily foreigners, in collusion with the media, to trick the international law, the people look like and arrested the assisted person in illegal employment conducive crime,
 In the back, to exploit that citizens and foreigners ignorant to Immigration Control Act, instead of the business who was working illegally, the general law in criminal law aiding crime that concoct the assisted person against illegal employment, have to apply the illegal employment sin you.


 Grant conditions of residence status despite being given at the discretion the Minister of Justice rather than the provisions of the law, because we provide the contents false employment contract, the residence status of the technology and the humanities international can be easily obtained It was. Since the visa was obtained was able to stay in Japan. Now that you have lived in Japan I was able to illegal employment. As, we abuse the criminal law aiding crime in the cause-and-effect relationship in any way have nothing to do with illegal employment, is illegal out of the logic of the law.


 If it were, by law, as provided in the employment contract is an absolute condition of the residence qualification, but has been with the application basis of criminal law aiding crime, for the grant conditions of the status of residence, there is no provision in any way in the Immigration Control Act [GR].


 Only, in the Ordinance (bylaws), the Minister of Justice has specified the diploma of the universities (Education) as a condition for giving the status of residence of technology and humanities international at the discretion. Therefore filings of duty is the "diploma" to prove the educational background.
 However, because it gives the status of residence at the discretion even though untrue and with this, you can not only to administrative penalties of visa cancellation.


 Was written in the indictment, "the contents false employment contract", which has cooperated with the smooth operation of the immigration administration so to submit in the section chief Circular not be required to submit by law, to the provisions of the law in it can not be said that absolute documents without residence qualification, also because the delivery condition itself is what is granted by the Minister of Justice of discretion in a non-public, in the light of the provisions of Article 31 the Constitution, and to facilitate the acquisition of residence status reasons, not the offer documents about impose punishment.
 This is a self-evident truth from the fact that as the administrative punishment of Eligibility cancel false documents submitted act by the Minister of Justice of discretion.


 Eligibility is intended that Japan nation gives to foreign individuals, but to the employment restrictions in the status of residence, work location is not a company of providing employment contract, where the company, this is a freedom to work in organizations and immigration explains, after the Minister of Justice has given the status of residence to foreigners, to deliver the employment contract, the company that entered into an employment contract, has been teaching and not be able to restrain the work location of the alien .


 In the Immigration Control Act, as what to do if you got the status of residence by submitting false documents, but the Minister of Justice has established a provision to revoke the status of residence,
 If working in jobs in the qualification, it is clear that not a illegal employment.
 Perpetrator is, became the illegal employment is, because I worked in the status of residence outside.


 Cause-and-effect relationship of illegal employment is the tort of business who has worked in the capacity outside of the job. The punishment is, as conducive act, including aiding against illegal employment, because there is a punishment specified in Article 2 of the Immigration Control Act 73, intended to be priority than criminal law aiding crime of general law, of the Penal Code abetting crime apply the law it is clear that contrary to logic.


 In the Immigration Control Act, for illegal employment act, it is defined to be fairly disposed of in illegal employment crime and illegal employment conducive crime.
 In addition, for the false documents submitted, because the thing that the Minister of Justice has granted at the discretion of the status of residence, has been specified that the Minister of Justice to the submitter and the person who has the aiding and abetting in the administrative punishment of deportation.


 Thus, the status of residence revocation action and illegal employment act, will be proven to any that there is no cause-and-effect relationship.

 Cause-and-effect relationship of abetting the crime application is intended to insult the human rights of foreigners.

 Without applying the "illegal employment conducive crime", which is defined as aiding, promoting action against illegal employment, to forcibly apply the criminal law aiding crime, provision of content false employment contract is the acquisition of the status of residence easy in, and was able to live in Japan. Now that you have lived in Japan, as was able to illegal employment, but the causal relationship between the offer and the illegal employment sin of contents false employment contract is obvious, ignore the special law, to ignore international law, to ignore the human rights, it is the abuse was a prosecution decision to aiding the crime.


 The international community does not forgive absolutely, because I to be able to live in Japan for and was able to crime (qualification outside the illegal employment of) is a prejudice that always crime if caused to resident foreigners in Japan, aiding It is malicious discrimination against arbitrary foreigners who abuse a crime.

 If forgiveness a causal relationship of these assisted crime, provision of content false employment contract is to facilitate the acquisition of residence status, I was able to live in Japan. Now that you have lived in Japan, as was able to murder, but would be a cause-and-effect relationship of the murder is obvious, but is terrible that is not allowed in the logic of the law,

 Police interrogation, "the president, because the Chinese were illegal employment, ... Chinese but requires only abetting crimes against illegal employment is, when I was a murder, for murder, the'm aiding sin! Care I said put'll please me! ".
 Already we have applied the "aiding the crime" for the murder. With the help of the international community, it must also pursue this thing.


 If you and uninteresting the Japanese to deal with foreigners equally, we apply the assisted crime are criminals. The root of the human rights violations, because is ingrained habit of arbitrary alien exclusion.


 Also work in the status of residence as woven in Japan is, of course, there is no causal relationship between illegal employment (crime).


 Verbose seems but,
 It became the illegal employment is because you work in standing qualifications outside, that the causal relationship is a business who hire foreigners ineligible to work as defined in the illegal employment conducive crime is a self-evident truth.


 In addition, even as to obtain a status of residence if the contents false employment contract, if you work in a range of status of residence is also truism that does not become illegal employment.


 The only, What is clear is, the Minister of Justice in the Immigration Control Act, the alien to obtain a status of residence in the false documents has been defined as it is cancellation of residence status.
 So will be applied even without the illegal employment, there is no cause-and-effect relationship is clearly illegal employment.


 Are you with the administrative punishment instead of criminal punishment, since the status of residence was given at the discretion rather than the provisions of the law, to a criminal punishment, because contrary to the logic of the law, is as a government disposal of Eligibility cancellation at the discretion .


 Police officers, prosecutors, judges, lawyers, and the grant of the status of residence by the Minister of Justice, entry permit by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the (visa) to the same view, is he to grant equal Japan's residence status and the (entry permit) misunderstanding to have.


 And the grant of the status of residence, entry permit (so is he in Japan), that indicia to the passport (entry visa) is a different thing, entry permit (stamp) is obtained to the passport even if resident status has been granted it is not possible to live in Japan if not.


 Entry permit is, to foreigners to obtain a visa from the Minister of Justice, Minister of Foreign Affairs, which also intended to give at the discretion, but the status of residence than immigration has been granted, visa (indicia to the passport) is not obtained it is often the case.


 Authorization criteria for entry visa even to not published, It does not reason disclosure of non-permission, it can not be challenged.


 Visa have been listed on the home page as a non-permission of the reason is the general theory, if it is not, such as a fake passport, it can only be understood to correspond to the reason that does not contribute to Japan's national interests. I think this is the same in many countries, not only in Japan.
With no employment contract of the legal basis, helpless one Japanese who does not have the power is, affect the discretion of the Minister of Justice and Minister of Foreign Affairs, it was to be he a foreigner in Japan! It is self-evident truth that can not be asserted that.


 True of diploma and content false employment contract, to submit any other documents, even if the application for residence status, upon examination to immigration officials, without permission of the court, such as it is necessary site inspections "of fact has given the investigation rights ", to exercise their authority, because the Ordinance grant conditions of duty technology and humanities international qualification in the diploma that provisions had been met, taking into consideration the various, at the discretion, legal the Minister is reasonable to guess that it has granted the status of residence.


 Even if the job offer to join, that is often the case that you do not join, but was also in protest to cancel the visa status to immigration several times, granted the status of residence, which has given to foreign individuals, If it is within the qualification, is a freedom and try to commit anywhere, after the grant of immigration is resident status is, and can not be bound by the employment of foreigners, it had been teaching tightly.


 So, when you cancel the joining job offer in the collapse of Lehman Brothers, it does not contact the immigration. Some of the lawyers, this time, than immigration, if it received a formal document of the spirit, but says that assisted crime is not approved, immigration is to answer such a case, the views of immigration in official documents what things?


 If also submit the contents false employment contract, as well as to obtain a residence status of technology and the humanities international, to work within the scope of the status of residence is not an illegal employment. This is a self-evident truth.


 Became the illegal employment (qualification outside activities) is, because I worked outside the given qualification. It is because was operators offer to work in the capacity outside. This also is a truism.


 Therefore, contrary to the founding spirit of the illegal employment conducive crime, it is clear a crime of arbitrary applicable law violations to abstract the criminal law aiding crime

 Long-winded it seems, but at the discretion from the Minister of Justice, and that you have obtained the status of residence of technology and humanities international, there is no causal relationship at all with the illegal employment.
 At the discretion than the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and that to obtain entry visa (the visa) was able to live in Japan, there is no causal relationship at all with the illegal employment.

 If you submit the employment contract is not the contents of falsehood, to obtain the status of residence, even if have to obtain the entry visa to Japan, is illegal employment if the illegal employment (qualification outside activities).


 If if was the granting of status of residence with the contents false employment contract, the Minister of Justice since it is possible to cancel visa status by 4 of Article 4 of the Immigration Control Act 22, this is no causal relationship at all with the illegal employment.


 For the Immigration Control Act is illegal employment (qualification outside activities), the foreigners who were working illegally in the illegal employment agents, equally the business who were working illegally in the illegal employment conducive crime, punishment defined so as not contrary to international law since it has a formed, without any punishment the business who was working illegally, it can not be said that equality under the law is to punish arbitrarily illegal employment sin the only foreigners allowed to illegal employment, international law is the act contrary to.


 Japan, for many years, even now, arbitrarily to illegal employment of foreigners, if worse is convenient, you have to arbitrarily criminals only foreigners have been deported. Is a shameful act at all.


 Police law is a professional, instead of aiding who prosecutors and judges is defined by the illegal employment conducive crime, hoaxes as accusations false assisted person against illegal employment with the fate and to provide the contents false employment contract ,
For foreigners, impose illegal employment crime as was the illegal employment received the assistance of the accusations false assisted person, also,
Against accusations false assisted person, applying the criminal law abetting crimes against illegal employment sin, although the common sense of the Japanese judiciary, said to nefarious criminal act in the international.


 Thus, if there are no persons were allowed to work illegally to punish illegal employment conducive crime, to not even those who have illegal employment is self-evident in the sense (not guilty). Therefore, foreigners were illegal employment is not guilty. Then, it will not even aiding persons of any illegal employment (not guilty).

Ⅲ.終わりに At the end

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department of the police officers are approaching the confession as "the general theory in Mitomero".
Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office of the prosecutor in the investigation is "I I great, fine if Mitomere, unless imprisonment recognized" and forced to confess to say.
Generally speaking, etc. to criminal punishment, but not the administration of justice of the state to advocate freedom and democracy, unfortunately this is the Japanese judicial realities


And, so as not to function the prosecution Committee to review the prosecution of non-prosecution act, by exploiting the prosecution monopoly principle, without the non-prosecution of the indictment, complaint, the crush as non-acceptance is the prosecution administration of Japan is.

 中国人は、こうした金は現金が常識です。まして銀行振込で振り込み人名を「姓のみの キン」で行うことは、100%ないと断言します。中国人は常に姓名がセットになっているのです。

Also in the trial, the public prosecutor, as established that there was a deliberately aiding, transfer payment in the "Kin" is a family name to the Refco Inc., asserts that it from "gold tactics".
Chinese, these gold cash is common sense. Let alone to carry out the transfer person's name in the bank transfer in the "Kin of only last name," asserts that 100 percent no.
Chinese is always the first and last name is in the set.

However, I am not such a fact relationship, Japan is governed under the law, to protect the fundamental human rights, including the foreigners, so that the country to comply with international law, the Constitution Article 31 of also and, we are pursuing in the law theory.


Although tedious it seems, in the Immigration Control Act to define the treatment of foreigners, under the Constitution, to comply with international law is a treaty that the National Assembly has approved is the proposition of the state.

Japan, for many years, contrary to the legislative intent of the National Assembly to comply with international law, administration of justice in the dictatorship, against illegal employment, contrary to international law, not punish the businesses that were illegal employment in illegal employment conducive crime to, arbitrarily the only foreigner punished with fines and imprisonment by the illegal employment sin, we have been deported.


This incident, North Korea greater than the comfort women issue by the Japanese abduction issue and Japanese troops by the government, the number of foreign victims is enormous.


The Japanese government, in compliance with international law, apologized to foreigners who were arbitrarily disposed of, and to be promptly carried out the compensation and restoration of honor, that the international credibility of our country is damaged, causing piggybacked a big price to posterity I become.

 He was arrested for illegal work in Japan foreigners everyone! !
 外国人だけが、逮捕され罰金刑や懲役刑で刑事処分を受け、 国外退去処分にされた外国人は、

 Without employer was illegal employment has been arrested and criminal punishment in the "illegal employment conducive crime",
 Only foreigners, subject to criminal punishment by fines or imprisonment arrested, foreigners who have been in deportation disposal,
 The Constitution of Japan, Japanese law, in international law, not be guilty, I am guilty.

 Let's protest seeking recovery and damages of honor to the Japanese government!

黒柳徹子 お願いチャンネル

さあ、みんなで 声を大にして言いましょうよ!



外国人の皆さん 日本大使館に抗議に行きましょう!


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